POW! Carter's Avengers Bash

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Avengers, Assemble!  
Complete Party Package for 20

Avengers, Assemble!  Carter is FIVE!!! 

Complete party kit for 20.  Completely perfect party kit, that is!

Party Kit Contents 

 - Tableware - 

Green, Red, Blue, Gold Lunch Plates (20 pkg, 5/ color) 
Green, Red, Blue, Gold Dessert Plates (20 pkg, 5/ color)
Green, Red, Blue, Gold Lunch Napkins (20 pkg, 5/ color) 
Black Dessert Napkins (20 pkg) 
Wooden Forks (20 pkg) 
Avengers Decal Green, Red, Blue, Black Treat Boxes (20 pkg, 5/ color)
Avengers Decal Reusable Plastic Water Bottles (20)

- Children's Tables Decor -

Black Fabric Tablecloths (60" x 84”) 2
Avengers Fabric Table Runners (2)
Cardboard Cityscape Accordion Centerpieces w/ Superhero Accents 

- Adult's Tables Decor -

Black Satin Tablecloths (60" x 102") 2

Avengers Fabric Table Runners (2)

Wood Sign Decor w/ Stands

- Dessert Table -

Black Tablecloths (90" x 132") 2
Avengers Fabric Table Runner  
Avengers Fabric Backdrop (5' x 7')
Plastic Cityscape Building Treat Containers (3)

9" POW Battery Operated Marquee Letters

10' Color Blocked Balloon Garland Kit w/ Mylar Avengers Balloon Accents

Custom Cardstock Garland 'POW Carter is 5!'

Hand Painted Acrylic Sign 8" x 10"

- Miscellaneous Decor -

Hand Painted 18" x 24" Custom Welcome Sign

Photo Prop Backdrop w/ Face Cutouts (4' x 6')

Plastic Avengers Decal Buckets (5- one for each Superhero)


*The cardstock birthday banner, welcome sign, and dessert table sign can be customized to your preferred saying.  I will contact you before making them to finalize!

**In the event actual shipping charges I incur are less than what is charged at the time of purchase a refund in the difference will be issued immediately and prior to the package being shipped.